Rip and Alison Caswell

“We are excited to share with you our passion for life, nature and the beauty that surrounds us. We are a husband-and-wife team celebrating our experiences and telling stories though our artwork.”

Every bronze statue the Caswells undertake is an in-depth study into the lives, personalities and unique spirits of the subjects they model. With precision, passion and perseverance, they work tirelessly to bring their art to life.

As you look through the immense and diverse artwork collections and bronze sculptures, you will get a sense of the heart and soul of these two artists. Joined together, they each bring a unique perspective; the masculine and feminine are both celebrated in their works, making the art powerful and beautiful all at once. The Caswells are passionate naturalists, conservationists and world explorers. They are unique in their ability to work in harmony with one another, with their clients and the world around them.

We invite you on a journey to explore the art and life of Rip and Alison Caswell.

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Alison and Mark Hamill at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Alison and Phil Knight at the Matthew Knight Arena

Alison and Bill Walton in San Diego

Alison and Marcus Mariota at the Matthew Knight Arena




We are excited announce a wonderful new partnership: we have been selected to be Sculptors for National Geographic, on a mission to study and document the world's most endangered animals in art. We will be traveling the world in search of opportunities to use our...

Bronze Casting: How are bronze sculptures made?

Bronze Casting: How are bronze sculptures made?

  A question we often hear is “How are bronze statues created?” The bronze sculpture process is called Lost Wax casting, and is an ancient method that dates back centuries. Today, artwork is cast at fine art casting foundries. We own and operate our own facility...

2019 Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival

2019 Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival

GALLERY WILD, NEW ARTWORK AND JACKSON IN THE FALL   Another season of art in Jackson is upon us! Come visit us at Gallery Wild, where we’ll be the entire month of September. We’re excited to have our artwork at THE premier art gallery in Jackson, and for all that...

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