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We are excited announce a wonderful new partnership: we have been selected to be Sculptors for National Geographic, on a mission to study and document the world's most endangered animals in art. We will be traveling the world in search of opportunities to use our...

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Bronze Casting: How are bronze sculptures made?

  A question we often hear is “How are bronze statues created?” The bronze sculpture process is called Lost Wax casting, and is an ancient method that dates back centuries. Today, artwork is cast at fine art casting foundries. We own and operate our own facility...

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2019 Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival

GALLERY WILD, NEW ARTWORK AND JACKSON IN THE FALL   Another season of art in Jackson is upon us! Come visit us at Gallery Wild, where we’ll be the entire month of September. We’re excited to have our artwork at THE premier art gallery in Jackson, and for all that...

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Veterinarians International One Health Benefit Gala

CREATING ARTWORK, HELPING ANIMALS   Our sculpture titled Guardians of Hope raised $20,000 for Veterinarians International One Health Benefit! We are so honored that our sculpture has found a good home with someone who loves elephants and is passionate about...

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Caring for Fine Art Bronze Sculpture

People often ask if their bronze sculpture requires any special care. We’re happy to say that bronzes kept inside only require an occasional gentle dusting with a soft cloth. However, if you’ve inherited a bronze or have owned an art piece for many years, you might...

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Partnership with Veterinarians International

  Creating artwork, helping animals   Veterinarians International is a New York based non-profit that provides veterinary services for animals who need it most. Led by founder Dr. Scarlett Magda, VI has become a network of veterinarians, community leaders...

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Thailand Trip

This April we're going to Thailand! We have partnered with Veterinarians International to plan a conservation trip, using artwork to raise funds for the critical endangered Asian elephant. Stay in touch to follow our trip!

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Gallery Wild

We are excited to be represented in Jackson Hole's newest gallery, Gallery Wild! Friends of ours for the last 6 years and founders of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, Carrie Wild and Jason Williams have opened Gallery Wild, an extension of their guide business and a...

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Firebird Bronze

We’re proud to announce our foundry’s new location off I-84 in Troutdale! Firebird’s new address is 803 NE Harlow Rd Building A Troutdale, OR 97060, and is situated in our brand new industrial development we designed to enhance our fine art...

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